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Kimberley Kates

Founder and CEO

Kimberley Kates is the original Founder of The Princess Network. For the last 15 years, she has been the CEO of BIG Screen Entertainment Group, including the development, production, marketing and distribution of television and films.

Ms. Kates is an accomplished actress, writer, director and award-winning producer; she’s been active in the entertainment business for 25 years and currently creating multiple television shows. Most recently, she helped launch Big Stream Entertainment, a streaming channel for BIG Screen.

Her first film was “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” where she played the iconic role of Princess Joanna. She has acted in over 50 TV shows and films working with some of the brightest talents in the entertainment business.

Branching into this new area with The Princess Network is a dream come true. She sees it as a win-win for both companies.


Diane Franklin

Founder and Vice President

Known for her signature naturally curly hair, iconic 80s actress, Diane Franklin has worked as a professional film and television actress for most of her life.

Beginning her career in N.Y with modelling, and commercials. At 19, Diane she got her first film role as “the dream girl” in the teen comedy "The Last American Virgin." Yet, she is best known as the spirited French-exchange student, Monique Junot, in the iconic comedy "Better Off Dead."

Diane also was featured in 20th Century Fox comedy, How I Got Into College." She reached world notoriety from her role as the medieval Princess Elizabeth, (playing opposite Keanu Reeves) in the time-traveling comedy "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," where she and Kimberley Kates starred as the iconic Princesses.

She is also a credentialed drama teacher and a published author of two autobiographies: (Diane Franklin: The Excellent ADVENTURES of the Last American, French-Exchange Babe of the 80s and Diane Franklin: The Excellent CURLS of the Last American, French-Exchange Babe of the 80s.)


Gretchen L.

Creative Director

Gretchen is a "princess helper" recruited by Kimberley and Diane to help The Princess Network become a reality! She started off as a huge fan of the two princesses and connected with them through the magic of social media.

Gretchen’s princess experience dates back to when she was a small child, always carrying around her favorite book, “I Am Really a Princess,” so it’s no surprise that she is still a firm believer in the princess lifestyle today! She frequently wears tiaras around her Arizona home, which she shares with her husband and two dogs.

After graduating from Arizona State University, she spent years as a professional event and wedding planner, and was given the wonderful opportunity to bring that special princess feeling to hundreds of brides - and now she wants to bring it to the world!

As Creative Director of The Princess Network, she oversees all creative content and works closely with product development. Along with the other founding members, her goal is to invite princesses of all types to embrace the joy and wonder of the princess lifestyle.

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Sarah S.

Marketing Director

Sarah is a "princess helper" along with Gretchen who met Kimberley and Diane through the magic of social media! She came on board to help share the joy of The Princess Network with the world.

Having studied Creative Writing at Mesa Community College, writing has been a huge focus of her career, and she is excited to bring this skill to a new royal audience.

Originally a Texas native, she currently resides in Arizona with her partner, and can often be found working on independent theatre projects or writing in local coffee shops.

As Marketing Director of The Princess Network, she hopes to use her status as a Disabled Princess to shine the light on stories of intersectional Princesses around the world.

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