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The Story of The Princess Network

Once upon a time, two princesses met and began a lifelong friendship which would one day bloom into the creation of a magical place for all princesses to enjoy!

From her early childhood, actress and producer Kimberley Kates had always loved the magic that she found in dressing like a princess. In fact, as she grew up, she embraced the princess lifestyle in many ways; from enjoying nature walks and journaling, to wearing ribbons in her hair and rescuing animals!

When she was cast in the iconic role of Princess Joanna in the beloved 1989 historical adventure film, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," she met a dear friend, famed actress Diane Franklin. Known for her signature curly hair and spunky attitude, Diane starred along with Kimberley as her on-screen sister, Princess Elizabeth.

The two actresses and entrepreneurs always remembered how wonderful it felt to embrace the life of a princess. Throughout the years, Kimberley began to dream up a home for all princesses, a place that she could create to bring more magic into the world. 

In the year 2020, that dream finally came into reality! Kimberley asked Diane to join her in launching The Princess Network, and with the assistance of a few "princess helpers," The Princess Network is now the number one place in the world for princesses of all walks of life to shop like a princess, learn princess history, enjoy princess streaming media, and so much more!

We are so glad you are here to join us in living the Princess Life. Enjoy your visit to our kingdom!

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