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Princess Diana - The People's Princess

Who Was She?

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997), was the wife of Prince Charles and the mother of princes William and Harry. Her glamor, activism and turbulent personal life made her an international superstar. But her charisma, relatability and heart of gold made her connect with the public and she became known as “the people’s princess.” Before Diana, royals weren’t as accessible and were often regarded as cold. But she made a point of connecting with the public, shaking hands or hugging those she met. You can be a people’s princess just like Diana by following her example…

How You Can Be Like Her:

Rise above your circumstances. Diana struggled in school and failed her exams. She then took a series of low-paying jobs, working as a cleaner, a dance instructor, a nanny and a nursery school assistant. But better things were ahead…

How She Met Her Prince:

Your sister’s ex could be the one! Diana first met Prince Charles when she was 16 and he was dating her older sister, Sarah. Three years later they met again when she watched him play in a polo match. Remembering her, Charles could not help but notice what a beautiful young woman she had become. Now being single, he invited Diana sailing and love blossomed on the boat. Just a few weeks later he introduced her to the royal family and Charles proposed after a brief courtship.

How To Have Her Style:

Be bold, fearless, imaginative and immaculate. Perhaps the greatest fashion icon of the 20th Century, Diana created so many memorable fashion moments – starting with her wedding dress. It had a 25-foot-long train, the longest in royal wedding history. She wore elegant, colorful and daring fashions which rewrote the rule book on royal style. She bared her shoulders in spaghetti strap dresses, became the first British princess to wear open backed gowns and wore bright red everywhere from state dinners to son Harry’s first day at school.

Learn From Her Good Deeds:

Find issues close to your heart and fight for them. Serving as patron or president to more than 100 charities, Diana used her fame to shine a spotlight on causes which were dear to her – often those which princesses had avoided in the past. She spoke out on issues like HIV/AIDS, leprosy and mental illness and once even walked through an active minefield to highlight the danger of landmines. While her natural environment might have seemed like a Paris catwalk or Hollywood premiere, she took trips to Angola, India and Nepal visiting hospitals, schools and refugee camps, always connecting with the public and trying to make the world a better place.


Contributing blog author Sandro Monetti is a world-renowned expert on all things Royal! He most recently covered the groundbreaking Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their lives after leaving the formal duties of the British Royal Family. Here at The Princess Network, we are absolutely thrilled to learn more about royal and princess history from him! More can be found about him at his website,

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