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Discover Your Princess Style

One of the many joys of being a princess is discovering your own, unique, fabulous princess style. After all, there is simply no wrong way to be a princess! Perhaps you are drawn to a demure style of soft floral dresses, elegant lace gloves, and classic pearl earrings. Or, you may delight in the sparkling glamour with shimmering satin blouses, bold tulle skirts, and dazzling tiaras. You may even prefer just to add delicate touches of royalty to a streamlined professional wardrobe in a gentle nod to your princess spirit. When it comes to a princess’s style, there are oh so many enchanting options - here are just a few of our favorites, inspired by our timeless headpieces.

Soft Princess

This princess adores everything soft, understated, and delicate. She revels in finding the perfect vintage hat, and loves to accent any outfit with a strand of pearls to add a classic and elegant touch. Lightweight, airy dresses with delicate floral prints are staples in her wardrobe, and her chosen color palette is full of neutrals and pastels.

Wardrobe Must Haves:

  • White lace blouse

  • Pearl headbands

  • Pastel velvet hair bows

  • Light floral “A-line” dress

  • Comfortable flats and low heels

Professional Princess

The professional princess is always on the go, and dresses to show it. She is often found in crisp business attire, but takes the time to add a personal, regal touch to every outfit. She pairs a white blazer with a ruffled pink blouse, and always has a delicate and elegant watch to match her daily look. Oftentimes her hair is pulled back in a pearl barrette, so she can focus on her current projects. Sharp and timeless, she knows that the addition of her personal touch makes her stand out in any meeting.

Wardrobe Must Haves:

  • Structured blazer in a neutral

  • Ruffled blouse

  • Thin gold watch

  • Pearl-handled briefcase

  • Jeweled hair barrettes

Glamour Princess

This princess makes an entrance wherever she goes. She confidently adorns herself in dazzling jewelry, and embraces the notion that you can never have too much sparkle. It is in her nature to wear an ostentatious faux-fur stole over a cocktail dress, just because she wants to. She lives in maxi dresses, paired with coordinating jewelry sets. High heels are her constant companion, and she has a different handbag for every occasion.

Wardrobe Must Haves

  • Maxi dresses in metallic colors

  • Strappy high heels

  • Matching jewelry sets

  • Sparkling headbands

  • Bejeweled purse

Bold Princess

The bold princess lives to make a statement. She is not interested in anyone’s opinion of her style but her own, and is known to completely overdress for an occasion. Bold colors and busy prints are her dear friends, and she is unafraid to take a fashion risk. She is often found in luxuriously puffy tulle skirts, leopard print high heels, and a jewel-encrusted tiara. The way she dresses reflects her fearless and carefree lifestyle.

Wardrobe Must Haves

  • Tulle circle skirt

  • Chunky bangle bracelets

  • Leopard print high heels

  • Oversized sunglasses

  • Rhinestone tiara

Preppy Princess

This princess knows the importance of a timeless style. Classic and elegant, but still fully with the modern times, her wardrobe is full of staple pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a look to match any mood. Headbands are one of her favorite ways to style her hair. She loves solid prints and a classic houndstooth, and swears by the magic of a pink skirt suit. Each piece is chosen for quality and cut, her minimalist jewelry adds just the right amount of sparkle.

Wardrobe Must Haves

  • Pearl headbands

  • Houndstooth skirt

  • White button up blouse

  • Round toe black heels

  • Patterned silk scarves

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