Princess Pampering

It is no small thing, running a kingdom - and even a princess can find herself tired and in need of rejuvenation every so often. The importance of a self-care routine simply cannot be overstated, especially when one has a kingdom to look after. Princesses are special beings, who take on extra tasks to help friends in need, and who work hard to see their beautiful creative dreams come true. With all of the demands of a royal schedule, it’s no wonder that we as princesses can sometimes need a truly special evening of relaxation and restoration.

Step 1: Put Down the Phone

When the long day of royal duties is done, and you have at last arrived home to your comfortable and charming castle, the first step to calm bliss is to turn off your mobile devices. You may feel hesitant at first - what if I receive an urgent text from a fellow Princess, inviting me to a Royal Ball in my honor this very evening? - but we firmly believe in the peaceful power of unplugging from the demands of the modern world, if only for a little while. If you are adamant that your phone must stay on, consider switching to the “Do Not Disturb” mode as a happy medium.

We rely so much on our handheld “magic mirror” devices, that sometimes we forget just how lovely a little quiet and solitude can be. Place your phone on its charger, and challenge yourself not to pick it up for the rest of the evening (we know how hard that can be)! An added benefit of choosing to take a break from your devices is that your eyes will have a chance to rest. Many studies have shown that the bright blue light from digital screens may cause ocular fatigue- let those sparkling eyes have a bit of respite, and we’re certain you will feel more rested and refreshed.

Step 2: Soak in Bubbles

Enjoy the timeless comfort of a luxurious bubble bath. There’s something about the feel of sinking into a delightful flurry of bubbles that never fails to put one in an utterly peaceful state of mind. It’s a celebration of all things fanciful and fabulous, and it’s a time that is simply and completely yours. And with a little touch of princess magic, you can elevate your bubble bath from ‘regular’ to ‘royal.’ Invest in a bath additive to enhance your experience. Scented bath salts can be a wonderful accent - choose your favorite relaxing scent and enjoy being enveloped in a calming aroma. Our favorite recommendations are lavender, rose, chamomile, and mandarin orange.

You could also choose to be on-trend and indulge in a ‘bath-bomb,’ a fun newer addition to the world of bubble baths. These bath accessories come in many shapes, colors, and scents, and can even transform your bath into a rainbow- some even have glitter for that extra princess flair. Go floral- adding rose petals on top of the bubble froth is a fabulous way to add instant glamour. Or, keep your environment simple with a classic bubble bath and enjoy being pampered in the lap of luxury. To add a relaxing ambience, switch off the lights and bathe by candlelight. We always recommend to use candles that are in containers, for safety- and remember to never leave an open flame unattended. No matter how you choose to dress up your bubble bath, you are certain to feel rejuvenated and ready to enjoy a peaceful evening at home after a peaceful soak amongst the bubbles.